Getting in Cahoots With Men’s

Fashion is a very powerful thing – it can make or break a career. It can be used to deliver a message or express emotions. It usually gives people a sense of uniqueness that forms their character. For men, fashion could be just about everything that defines their identity, reflects their passion and justifies their behaviors. With this premise, you can actually judge a book by its cover. And getting to know a man could be as simple as looking at the length or color of his necktie.

So how do you interpret outfits and accessories to define a man’s personality? Start examining different fashion styles of men you know and see if you can find a common connection between their personalities and their fashion styles.

Basically, men’s fashion can be classified into three: conservative, edgy and commercial.

Conservative fashion style usually goes for the typical to traditional choice in outfits and very minimal accessories – just sticking to what are necessary. This style follows rules by the book. Suit in the office, jeans for country driving, shorts for walking, and all the rest that are more or less predictable.

Men who have this fashion style generally want to play things safe. Functionality is their priority more than style. They may have less confidence to try out anything beyond their comfort level. Or they may also be just plain contented with their everyday slacks that they would rather look monotonous than trying out something new and risk being a fashion disaster.

Another classification is what the fashion world would call “edgy”. Be it casual, rugged or formal, this style carries with it character and confidence. Experts say that it is not entirely from the material of a man’s suit or grandness of his accessories starting from cufflinks to men’s watch, that edginess is achieved. Most of the time, men’s get up appear to be edgy because of the way they carry themselves. Confidence and flexibility make that edgy look. Because of their being flexible, it also makes it easy for them to shift from one style to another without being over- or under-dressed. These men can amusingly convert their office attire to a very refreshing after work cocktails get up by simple twists with their ties, pants and shoes.

Men with the edgy style in fashion just have that wit to know what would work best for them. Their willingness to take risks in dressing up is backed up with their high fashion sense.

The last classification would be the “commercial”, bordering to overkill fashion sense and what the present day dictionary would define as “metrosexual”. When you see a man of this fashion style, it would be as if a men’s fashion magazine has come to life – all in one packaging. Most of the time, this goes for wet and tidy-never-untidy haircut, crumpled-free shirts, stiff collars, overly pointed shiny shoes, and all the eye-catching fashion elements one can think of.

These men are usually vain, brand conscious, self-conscious and love to be the center of attraction. When an edgy style is done in an exaggerated manner, the result is usually too commercial. They just have a different way of expressing themselves which most of the time could be taken as loud.

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