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Men’s The Guides to Dressing Your Age

Dressing Like a Young Adult

Dressing your age is crucial when it comes to men’s fashion. Would you dress the same way to a job interview as you would to school? There is a time and a place for certain aspects of men’s fashion. As soon as you can appreciate that, you are ready for the following tips. The range to be considered a young adult is not so much age, as much as attitude and surroundings-are you mature for your age, does your fashion life revolve around who sees you on the playground or outside of school, and what are your ambitions? Ambitions are crucial-you dress the job you want, not the job you have; that current job may be as a student, but maybe you want to be a big shot lawyer, businessman, or what have you.

Knowing your boundaries

Looking like a young adult is to look mature-but it’s not to look like you’re trying to look mature. Men’s fashion can be just as coy as women’s, and if you’ve noticed the girl in the black dress before, then you can appreciate what fashion has done to gain your attention can do the same for you to gain the attention of other ladies, gents, or representatives of your future path-school, job, etc.

So, if it’s all about boundaries when you’re a young adult, then men’s fashion may be causing more problems than solving-you’re young adult, do you really know what you want yet? You may not know your own boundaries for taste in men’s fashion. So, experiment with the following in mind: look mature, but not like you’re trying. Basically, men’s fashion for the young adult is just like high school all over again-play it cool and aloof, and you’ll do fine.

The best way to look like you’re not trying to hard is to keep it casual-jeans are still your best friend no matter if you’re a young adult or just plain young. Blazers are a great start, but don’t pair them with slacks if you’re going out into the real world-that would be too mature, while blazers simply create a zest of maturity. All in all, the California rocker look is the definition of a young men’s fashion.

Quick Tips

The California rocker look is all about keeping it simple. Invest in a few buttoned down shirts and respectable graphic shirts. Respectable? That means take it easy on the skulls and anything else emo-ish that might seem more fashionable than mature. Again, it’s about keeping it moderation-not too mature-so graphic tee’s are acceptable. Your jeans can be any color, in theory. However, for best results, go as dark as you can before hitting black-dark navy, grey-ish blue, or even other dark colors like dark green or dark red can pull of a mature look that’s not too mature.

Think of it like this-black is the stereotypical color for wool trousers, and trousers are too mature. So, avoid black jeans and you’ll avoid looking like you’re trying to be taken seriously. Otherwise, you’ll be pulling off the rebellious look, which might not be exactly what you’re going for.

Blazers should be solid colored. However, if you are trying to look different from the pack, then go for a dark colored pattern that’s anything but dark grey. Grey’s, than dark solids, scream old geezer-that’s beyond too mature… Other than that, there’s nothing you can really mess up. Also, you can experiment with interesting collars. There’s almost no such thing as too flamboyant of a collar if, and only if, the blazer is a solid color. If the blazer has its own thing going for itself, an “interesting” collar might be overkill-you’ll seem like you’re trying, again.

Men’s Fashion

Fashion changes fast, clothing that may be popular now, will not be in six months time. The evolution of fashion is fast-paced, and unless you have the time, money, and inclination, to keep up, you are likely to be one or two steps behind the fashionista. At least this is how the fashion industry works for women, when it comes to men’s fashions, however, changes are slow to happen – this is great news for men, as they do not need to make as much effort to look great. Here we will consider men’s fashions for the upcoming months; we hope that our advice will be concise and easy to follow. Read this article, and you will not need to read another fashion article until at least the next fashion season.

A good tip for anyone who wants to dress fashionably at all times: choose a classic style of clothing. Classic clothing never goes out of fashion, and always looks good. As far as mens clothes are concerned, one of the classic casual looks consists of a pair of straight-legged jeans, a comfortable dress shirt, and a cashmere jumper, and a black pair of leather shoes or boots – by opting for such a look, you will always look good. A classic formal look simply consists of a tailored suit, a dress shirt, and again, a pair of leather shoes.

However, if you want to be a little more adventurous, you will want to follow current fashion trends, so here goes:

Floral motifs are popular in men’s clothes this fashion season, but beware of the types of items you purchase. Floral shirts will be particularly prominent, but you must be comfortable and confident in your sense of style to pull this off with any success. If you are unsure about your own sense of style, then stick to classic items that sport floral patterns, such as long-length beach shorts or beach t-shirts.

Of particular importance in both men’s and women’s fashion circles this year, the blazer is set to form part of the key fashion trends this season.

When choosing a blazer, make sure that they are well tailored and fit well. Choose subtle colours and make sure the blazer has a single block of colour, rather than a patchwork of different colour.

Blazers will be suitable for both formal and informal occasions, and will look equally good with a pair of jeans, as with a pair of formal trousers.

Wear blazers to work, on dates, to weddings, and any casual occasion.

There are several popular styles of jacket around for men now.

The bomber leather jacket is very stylish this year, and we will see a return of denim jackets. Be careful when wearing denim jackets, however, as denim tends to look odd when paired with denim. If wearing a denim jacket with jeans, make sure that they are different colours; otherwise, you will look as if you are wearing a denim suit – not a good look!

Men’s Fashion Trends

Fresh from the catwalk

This year seems set to be an innovative year in the fashion world with very bold and brash fashion designs hitting the runway in Milan. Some of the top fashion designers in the world were responsible for some of the most individual and inspiring designs to hit the runway at the Milan fashion week. From summer blues to indie rock leather outfits, the showcase certainly had the retro look shining through with a touch of summer colour. The top men’s fashion trends for 2012 certainly look set to bring out the bright, bold and artistic in us all.

The sunlight shining through

Bright colours and summer blues are featured heavily in the summer / spring collections of all the major designers from ‘Armani’ to ‘Dolce’ and Gabbana’ and a common theme is ever present. It seems this year the men’s collections will no longer be limited to traditional colour schemes with burnt orange and vivid blues shining through. A contemporary twist to that 70s fashion is continuing to make a strong comeback and the colour scheme certainly seems to be putting the spotlight on the summer feel. Blue seems to be the colour for this year with a broad spectrum of shades splashing across the catwalk, adding a refreshing approach to all the top designers’ collections. Coloured hawaiian style prints spliced with european styling had a popular showing, camouflage is also back but with a touch more styling that detaches the stigma with its modern stylings. The classic look does not seem to be in any hurry to leave the latest men’s fashions for 2012 with skinny ties, light brightly coloured scarfs and checkered and plaid sports coats showing prominently across the globe.

Business attire and accessories

The business fashion seems to be pepping up with the bold being the most rewarded in the corporate sector, bearing a twisted classic approach. Checked plaid and summer blues again feature heavily with a ‘soft tailored’ approach being the featured design across the board.

There is a heavy focus on accessorizing this year as is always the case, a candid novelty for the men that can’t do without a tie. Coloured scarfs and casual neck ties seem all the rage, seemingly no dress style escaping the trend. Casual scarfs thrown across bright coloured summer wear, loose fitting retro ties, skinny jeans and soft tailored sports coats will be donned by all the heavy hitters of the fashion world.

Reasons to Buy Men’s Fashion Winter Jackets

A stylish winter jacket is a fundamental part of any man’s closet. Nowadays, there is a wide array of stylish men’s winter jackets available, ranging from outdoor and sporting apparel to those tailor-made for office settings. With so many different styles available for amazing fashion jackets, choosing the correct one is essential. In this article, I have described top 7 reasons to invest in men’s fashion winter jackets.

1. Help You Look Classy and Trendy

There is a great range of fashion jackets presented to choose from. No matter, if you take part in any outdoor activity, a sports jacket with wind-resistant ability may be the perfect choice for you. If you spend more time in business meetings, you may look for a vintage fleece jacket that looks more formal and is office-appropriate.

2. Perfect for Outdoor Winter Adventures

Winter jackets for men are especially manufactured to give you an opportunity to enjoy worry free adventures. If you are planning for skiing, snowboarding or any other outdoor winter adventure, a jacket made up of waterproof, breathable fabric is perhaps the right choice that helps you stay comfortable. This winter apparel is specifically perfect for nearly all types of winter outdoor adventures because it gives you comfort and maximum coziness at the same time.

3. Promote Breathability

Fashion style jackets are designed with comfort and breathability in mind without breaking your fashion sense. This winter attire is usually made of polyester mesh and fleece fabrics that are water-resistant, windproof; promote maximum flexibility and breathability.

4. Less Bulk, More Warmth

Men’s fashion winter jackets are designed in such a way so that they are able to provide you with more warmth without looking bulky because of their lightweight. Aside from its lightweight, this winter clothing allows sufficient mobility for winter adventures.

5. Prevent you from Sickness

During chilly weather, you are more likely to get a cold, flu, fever and frost bite. If your body gets constant heat and coziness because of this winter outfit, you are ultimately a step ahead of these common illnesses.

6. Protection against Natural Elements

While choosing men’s winter jackets, always look for the ones that give you the maximum protection from typical natural elements such as rain, snow and chilly winds. Pick the one with waterproof, wind-resistant exterior.

7. Good for Sporting Activities

While choosing men’s jackets for any sporting activity, an interior breathable wicking layer must be your top most priority. It will keep you warm and dry while keeping sweat out from the body.

At the end of the day, stylish men’s winter jackets are a compliment to your wardrobe, offering more warmth and protection while maintaining your style sense.